Important Documents To Prepare When Filing A Divorce

There are important documents to prepare when you file for a divorce. You will need them in settling numerous issues, such as marital debts, insurances, assets and so forth. If you have prepared them in advance, you will be able to shorten the process and reduce the number of hassles you need to deal with.  Here are some of the documents that you will need when you file for a divorce.

Income Statements

The jury will always check your income statements during divorce procedures.  If you are self-employed, then you need to provide business forms, tax forms, and anything related to your income.  You will also need to include any documentations from your businesses that you or your spouse owned during the past three years.  You also need to present documentations of your business expenses (if self-employed). This includes bank statements, cancelled checks, check registers, payment receipts, financial statements, and so forth.

Your partner’s paycheck stubs is also one of the important document needed during the divorce process. The court will use these check stubs to assess your yearly earnings and deductions.

Real Estate Documents

The court will also check your real estate properties during the legal proceedings. Therefore, any documents that show legal documents of your properties are necessary. You can acquire them from your bank or mortgage company.

If the real-estate property that you own is refinanced, then you should provide any documents referring to the refinance. You must also attach a tax assessor’s statement on all your real-estate documents.

Savings and Checking Accounts

The court will also ask you to present any documents that represent your savings and checking accounts, which includes your savings certificates and passbooks. You must also provide any bank statements that you and your spouse have held jointly or individually in the past 2 years.

 Life Insurance

You must also present current life insurance policies on your own, children, and spouse’s life, whether it is a policy through your employer, or an individual policy. You must also provide all the statements you have, which is related to life insurance policy, including loans and cash balances.


Debts and loans must also be divided fairly between you and your spouse during the divorce procedure. This is why you need to create an itemized list of all the debts under your name, or your spouse’s name. You should also provide documentations of all your unsecured debts, including medical bills, credit cards, and any other outstanding loans.


If you or your spouse owns an automobile property, then you need to present its title or registration forms, be it a boat, car, truck, snowmobile, farm equipment, and other vehicles.  You must also provide documentation referring to any outstanding debts on your automobile property. This may include amortization schedules, payment coupons, and monthly invoices.

There are various documents that you need to prepare if you are planning to file a divorce. You need to have them with you if you want to ensure that you will get a fair result after the divorce procedure. Preparing these documents in advance will also help you prevent hassles during the legal proceedings.

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