Lamborghini Aventador Scale-Model Made Out of Solid Gold Previewed In Dubai

Lamborghini Aventador is known as the dream car of each and every single person. This is one of such cars that have always been in the mind of each child since his childhood. But grabbing this car is just the matter of fewer people because it is quite expensive.

Just newly, Lamborghini Aventador has been all viewed out to all the car lovers in Dubai Auto Show. The cost of Lamborghini Aventador is reported to be almost 400,000 US $.

But here we would like to mention for the readers that Lamborghini Aventador has been all designed in the scale model so this time its price has been kept as slightest low that is approximate 7,500,000 dollars!

The weight of scale model Lamborghini Aventador is found to be 25 kg or 55 pounds. It is all build with the superb designing of 500 kg or 1,100 pounds block of pure solid gold.

This scale model Lamborghini Aventador has been all magically designed by Robert Gulpen who is known as the creator behind this mad project.

He announced with the making of Lamborghini Aventador in the year 2011 and in just two years he made his dream bring into the reality.

Lamborghini Aventador has been even set in the project of digital model cars in which all the cars will going to be installed with the axis mining machine all made from the aluminum mod.

Here we would like to mention for the readers that Robert has invested his own 7.5 million for completing this project. There were many people that were putting down their own expectation and predictions for the price of Lamborghini Aventador but they were surprised when the actual price of the car was unveiled in the Dubai.

As it is made from the solid gold so it was quite obvious that it will going to be the pricey ones as well.

This has been for the very first time that any car has been made from the gold so it is expected that Robert name will even going to list down in Guiness World Record list as well.

It is surely the work of great passion as on one side we view the cars made from the steel but at the same time in just two years Robert made the car that was made of the gold and aluminum.

When we imagine such cars in the past then we surely say one word and that is “Impossible” but now it is all possible and Robert Gulpen has made it all possible.

So this was all about the Lamborghini Aventador! Well it is a great achievement for Dubai that they have gained the chance of reviewing out such an exceptional car in front of the whole world. We are sure that you must have enjoyed reading about the article.

You can even give a look over the Lamborghini Aventador from the posted pictures as well.

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