What is Family Law?

What is Family Law? The legal practice that includes issues dealing with the law concerning families, civil unions, marriage, same sex partnerships, property settlements, domestic violence, or child custody all falls under Family Law.

When someone thinks what is Family Law the first thing to come to mind is divorce court. The most basic model of a divorce trial is the lawful dissolution of a marriage, which brings other issues to the fore such as equitable distribution, custody rights of parents, child support, and alimony.

Many other issues may arise after a divorce is finalized including child support requirements, alimony modification, custodial changes, or overall failure to follow the court’s orders. All too often the litigation done after a divorce is often more expensive than the divorce itself.

There are various other areas in Family Law other than a normal divorce hearing with case law and legal codes that come from other matters. Child disputes between unmarried partners, the dissolution of a civil union between same-sex partners, cohabitation with joint finances, and even grandparents seeking visitation rights.

Matters in Family Law may go even further than divorce, and other marital issues. Legal help may be called for such as cohabitation laws, and prenuptial agreements. If you ask what is Family Law and when it is applied the answer will be that it works with adoption issues, paternity cases, and the termination of a parent’s rights. Family Law also handles domestic violence issues that lead to a restraint order.

As it stands, Family Law can be multifaceted and have connotations in other areas of the law such as short or long-term financial preparation, family estates, and tax issues. Overall, there must be the emotional and psychological fulfillment of a client’s needs. Many lawyers focus on precise areas of Family Law; however, when you need to hire an attorney for any area in Family Law, finding one that is familiar within all areas is the best for your case.

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