Overblown Obamacare Fear: State Can Take Your Estate

The word is starting to percolate through public debates as the Affordable Car Act gains ground. If you belong to the cohort getting your healthcare via Medicaid, the Government can take your assets or estate later to pay off your bills.

Is that really possible? Let`s distinguish facts from fears. There was a provision (since 1993) whereby the state was allowed to recover funds of health care after patient`s death by taking his assets. This can be applied to Medicaid recipients between 55-64.
Eligibility of Medicaid has dramatically expanded under Obamacare, and the fear that their houses can be seized by the state government one day keeps people from signing up. After the enrollee death his children might be left to foot the «death debt» and they would be compelled to sell their father`s or mother`s homes or other assets that they heir to pay off huge bills.

Before the expansion of Affordable Care Act there were few people in Medicaid who had many assets which can be seized. Today when the Medicaid enrollment requirements have been modified more people having assets and low income are being forced into the program. For example, if an individual with assets shows a very low income enough to qualify for Medicaid he must enroll in it, otherwise he should purchase totally unsubsidized coverage. To put it short the government is giving a loan to people with low income endangering their family assets without even clearly informing that they are getting a loan.

But there are still ways to avoid the recovery program. The Medicaid official website assures that the state can`t recuperate costs from the spouse of the late Obamacare enrollee or their children under 21, or if it entail excessive hardship on families.

To intensify enrollment in Medicaid without calling for people to complete application forms on their own states can automate the enrollment by using current databases of social services and programs. People who seem eligible for health coverage but are not yet enrolled will be included automatically. It means that people after 55 can find themselves auto-enrolled in health coverage against their own will.

ObamaCare forces you to be enrolled into Medicaid putting your assets at risk, but only if you are old and destitute!

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