Apple Consumers Are Paying a Premium on Old Technology

Apple just announced a set of “new” products using “grand” words to describe “average”, if not old, hardware technology. The company has been successful in selling highly priced consumer products and never did well in selling “budget hardware” like their recent launch of iPhone C phone.

Here is the outline of what we think:

  • Most people who will be buying the new iPhone 6 will do so because of its bigger screen. Apple is about 2 years late in releasing a phone with a larger screen.
  • Apple is selling memory space for a very high premium. Looking at the different versions of the phone with varying storage spaces we can infer that Apple likes selling memory space, just like their overpriced iPod Shuffles.
  • The cameras used are pretty inferior to those available on the market.
  • It is amazing how the pretty bad screen resolution is branded as “Retina” and presented as a superior product when it is just average.


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