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Dole Facing a Severe Consumer Fraud Class Action Lawsuit

By on February 8, 2017
Consumer Fraud Class Action

Dole Foods is facing rather a harsh consumer fraud class action lawsuit. Allegedly, the company has used false advertising and labeling practices to boost the sales of its products. While Dole has been advertising its foods as being health-conscious options, it was allegedly selling products with extra amounts of sugar. And of course, health conscious consumers could not help but notice this.

As a result, Alfredo Ramirez of Orange County filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. The class action says that the plaintiff was tricked into purchasing Dole Food products due to misleading ads that represented the products as healthy.

For example, DPF Fruit & Oatmeal, DPF Parfait and DPF Mixationsm are products that Ramirez has purchased. He did this mainly because they had the labels “no cholesterol,”  “no trans fat” on them. Accordingly, he was assuming that these products were healthy snacks mainly because the company was advertising them as such. However, he says that he later found out the contrary.

Currently, with his consumer fraud class action, Ramirez insists that products containing so much sugar can cause serious diseases. Among such diseases, he mentions heart disease, diabetes, liver problems and so on.

According to the Ramirez’s attorneys, in some cases, Dole products contain more than 35% of sugar. While according to the American Heart Association’s recommendation, the daily sugar intake for men should not exceed 45%.

Ramirez thus claims that Dole Foods has violated several of his consumer rights. First of all, it has conducted a breach of express warranty and negligent representation.

The class action seeks to represent a class of all consumers who purchased Dole products for personal use. The plaintiff seeks trial by jury, compensatory and punitive damages, injunctive relief, restitution, court costs, and interest. Nathan & Associates APC in Newport Beach and by Ross Cornell of Long Beach are representing the plaintiff.

How to avoid false advertisement?

Sometimes it’s really hard to avoid advertisement scams especially when it comes to buying food. We often lack the time to read the expiration date of a product or to learn what it is made of. Also, we almost never read the fine print. However, this is by far the most important thing to do when shopping for a product. Because product labeling can contain exaggerated facts or information. As a result, we might end up buying food which we consider healthy but which is not healthy at all. So, if you have failed to be careful with this and the food manufacturer seems to have violated your consumer rights, you might need legal help. If you think you are among a group of people who have used the same defective product, you can file a class action lawsuit.

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