A Look at the Number of Car Accident Caused by Texting and Driving

The dangers associated with texting and driving are a real concern, so much so that that states have gone to lengths to make the practice illegal while behind the wheel (this law goes into effect today in Florida). As cell phones become increasingly popular with younger generations it’s apparent that the upward trend in car accidents due to texting while driving will continue to climb. Because of that, it’s important to share facts about the potentially deadly consequences this decision can have for not only the driver, but also his/her passengers and other drivers on the road.

Hopefully, if you feel the need to text while driving, this article will make you think twice before doing so. And if you have already been in a car accident and need the help of an injury lawyer then it’s worth nothing you have options to consider.

Some Sobering Statistics:

Using a mobile device to text enables people to keep in touch with a short written message. This is often more convenient and quicker than a phone call. On the other hand, texting has unintentionally helped create the social and professional expectation to address issues immediately, even while driving, at the cost of public and personal safety.

The simultaneous visual, manual and cognitive engagement that texting demands leaves drivers more distracted than ever before. Accidents are more likely to occur because drivers end up taking their eyes off the road for approximately 4.6 seconds for every text they send or read. Doing that at 55 mph is similar to driving the length of a football field while blindfolded, a very dangerous thing to do!

Thus, people who text and drive are 23 times more likely to be involved in car crashes causing injury and death (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute). According to 2011 statistics, the numbers amount to approximately 1.6 million car accidents (National Safety Council) and 330,000 injuries a year (Harvard Center for Risk Analysis Study).

There are 11 texting-while-driving teen related deaths EVERY day (Institute for Highway Safety Fatality Facts).

Frighteningly, during daylight hours, there are over 800,000 people on the road driving while using a hand-held phone at any given moment.

If you have been injured in a car accident and need an Injury Lawyer:

Been in that accident and wonder what to do next? Legal counsel may be necessary. Regulations concerning texting while driving vary from state to state. Thus, you will need to seek counsel from a car accident lawyer in your state.

The obvious solution to finding a car accident lawyer is to do an internet search for “Injury Lawyers” in a particular state. There are, however, additional less well known options to investigate, particularly if your budget is tight.

A legal aid agency in your area may be able to help for less cost if your law suit is in small claims court.

Lawyer-referral service programs are likely to exist in your state. They help people find free or low cost legal services for those who qualify.

Some law schools offer free legal clinics for particular kinds of legal issues. Contact your local bar association or nearby law school to take that first step.

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