Michael Schumacher In Critical Condition After Skiing Accident

Do you remember Formula One Legend Michael Schumacher? Well if yes then we are sure that you would be one of the biggest fans of him as well. But now its time to pray for his health! Formula One Legend Michael Schumacher is presently fighting for the life and death in a critical situation in hospital after going through the skiing accident. Formula One Legend Michael Schumacher has faced horrible accident while doing skiing in France on the slope. Doctors have unveiled his present condition and they are trying with their level best efforts to save the life of Formula One Legend Michael Schumacher.

On Sunday morning Michael Schumacher undergone with the head injury in a severe way after carrying out with the slope skiing in France! 44 years old Michael Schumacher was immediately sent to the hospital when his head was found to be injured so badly. He was skiing along with the group of his friends and his 14 years old son as well. All the fans of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher are praying for his health as on Monday morning the hospital staff stated the statement that he is critical in his health and they are putting their hardest efforts to treat the heal. When he was brought to the hospital he was in coma and was find out to be suffering from bad brain tumor for which the doctors have to undertake with the surgery as well. His family has told the doctors that in the past as well Michael Schumacher had faced brain ailment.

After three hours of constant treatment doctors have issued the statement that right now they are not confirmed that whether they will be able to save his life or would not be able to save. In other words his life is at the threatening point.  We would like to mention that the popular surgeon of Paris, Gerard Saillant was called to the hospital that has even treated Michael Schumacher in the year 1999 when he broke his leg in a racing competition.

One of the skier mate who was in the company of Michael Schumacher during the time of skiing he unveiled that almost ten minutes before this accident the mountain rescue has reported everyone about the bad weather conditions over the slopes but Michael Schumacher was almost hundred meters away from that position so he couldn’t listen the voice of the mountain rescue team. Michael Schumacher was in a conscious position even during the accident but when he was taken to the hospital he lost his consciousness.

As soon as the accident happens two rescue members went into the slope for giving Michael Schumacher with immediate treatment. They stated that they are not so sure that whether Michael Schumacher hit his head on the rock or not but they just know that his head has been hit in a bad way.

Well, all in all we can just pray from the bottom of the heart to save the life of Formula One Legend Michael Schumacher.

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