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Soon, messaging will be impossible on the Facebook mobile app.  According to a recently published notice “Messages are moving out of the Facebook app and over to the Messenger app, so now we’ll be asking people to install Messenger and start sending messages from there instead. The users will now have to move to the Facebook app “Messenger”. Some users are really annoyed by this new Facebook policy. When asked, the majority stated that they have tried to avoid the Messenger app in the first place and now they just have no choice.  Well, technically you can still use the messaging on the Facebook mobile app, but during this summer, this feature will become unavailable. You will just have to download the official Messenger app.

IOS Device Screenshot of Messenger App Size
IOS Device Screenshot of Messenger App Size

If you ask me, I could really use an extra 475 MB on my phone, but Messenger is very useful for staying in touch with family and being able to work from abroad.
Nevertheless, those who do not have the latest version of the OS or enough storage on their phone or… You know, there could be tons of reasons why one can’t download the official app or simply doesn’t want to. This new Facebook policy is defeating the ultimate purpose of the company. Now, it is becoming more and more difficult and most importantly frustrating to “connect with people on Facebook”. If directing people to Messenger is a new strategy for monetization, then obviously people will be pissed.

As it is stated on  Messenger allows you to text your friends for free using your existing data plan, reach them on their phones and the web, so they never miss your messages, know who’s seen your message, and who hasn’t, share photos, videos, stickers, include friends of friends in conversations, view your most important group conversations in one place, access your messages and chats wherever you log into Facebook, get free push notifications on your phone or tablet, so you see each message as soon as it arrives, quickly switch between multiple conversations with in-app notifications and so on. Obviously, the Messenger has many more advantages over the Facebook app messaging feature, but to switch or not to switch? The decision should be made by the users.

The platform has been around for almost over 12 years. During this period, users have acquired some habits that can’t just be taken away in a day. Two different groups of users simply have different messaging preferences. One chooses Messenger (an organically growing audience) the other prefers the mobile app. Why not let them enjoy it? A company as big as Facebook can allow itself such a luxurious flexibility. But, Facebook has promised that this will be a positive shift in the messaging experience of their users. As I don’t have another choice, I might as well update the app.

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